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1. Open Water Diver (maj, juni, juli, august, september, oktober og november)

3.925,00 kr.

To dive is to live; that's not what H.C. Andersen said, but if he were alive today, he might agree with us.
Here is the entrance to your diving life...

READY, SET, GO! It's going to be an exciting journey! We'd like to welcome you to our diving school and the adventures that await you. Here, you'll find people who have lost their hearts to the sea. These passionate individuals are what we call our diving instructors. They will be your guides and pathfinders on the journey you're embarking on. So, relax and enjoy the ride – we're with you every step of the way!


1 STEP! If you've always dreamed of seeing and experiencing the unique world beneath the sea's surface, then your adventure starts here. PADI Open Water Diver kurset, er PADI´s begynder dykkerkursus. Sammen med os, vil du komme til at nyde det enestående liv i Lillebælt, du vil blive fortryllet af eventyr, krydret med oplevelser i verdensklasse. Vi påstår det er den perfekte blanding af meditativ ro og spænding.


A NEW WORLD AWAITS! It's a whole different world opening up, and for many, it's a truly unique experience and a stepping stone to more diving, perhaps not just in Denmark but around the world. With a PADI Open Water Diver beginner diving certificate, you can dive down to 18 meters, and you'll be well-equipped to explore beneath the sea's surface.

During this course, you'll learn the fundamental knowledge and skills needed for diving. The course grants access to diving down to 18 meters. With a PADI Open Water Diver certification, you have an internationally recognized diving course that allows you to dive all over the world!


WHY CHOOSE US? We teach in Lillebælt and specialize in these waters. Our knowledge and familiarity with the local area are truly unique, and with us, you'll get much more than just a diving education. We claim that once you've dived with us, you're ready to dive anywhere in the world. We don't just dive in Lillebælt; we narrate, communicate, and teach what we call "Lillebælt'sk." When you dive in Lillebælt, you're also diving in a Nature Park, which is quite unique, and this is something we'd love to show and tell you all about.

HOW IS THE COURSE STRUCTURED? PADI's beginner course (OWD) is divided into modules. Throughout the course, you'll go through 5 theory modules, modules in the swimming pool, and 4 dives in Lillebælt. The entire course will span over a minimum of three to four days.

The main part of our Open Water courses takes place over two weekends (three days). Throughout the year, you'll also find courses that span four consecutive days. You can find the course dates here on the website. We hope there's a course that fits your schedule.


The three days of the course will typically proceed as follows: On day one, you'll have theory sessions (in a classroom) as well as exercises in the swimming pool. Here, you'll develop and learn your diving skills, building up your abilities and confidence to dive in open water. On days three and four, we head out into open water, meaning a trip out to Lillebælt, where there will be two dives per day (so four dives in total in open water). These dives will be truly unique; it's what you've been waiting for – now you get to put everything you've learned into practice.


We recommend that you sign up for the course well in advance. This is to secure your spot in the class and also to give you plenty of time to read the course manual.

You will be contacted by your diving instructor approximately one week before the course starts. They will provide you with the meeting time, location, and other practical information.


We look forward to welcoming you to our diving center!


PROFESSIONAL DIVING CENTER! Here at BLIVDYKKER.DK, we run small classes – maximum 6 students per instructor. For you, this means more safety and flexibility. We know what we're doing and only have deeply professional instructors associated with our school. Additionally, and something we're incredibly proud of, we are enthusiasts and ambassadors of Lillebælt. So when you dive into the sometimes swift and tricky waters of Lillebælt, you've come to the right place. Lillebælt is our backyard, and we love to show it off!



With us, the price is all-inclusive! That means you get everything you need to complete a course – no hidden expenses or fees. All our basic and specialty courses include equipment rental, course materials, and certification fees – so the price is ALL INCLUSIVE unless, of course, you'd like to invest in some extra fancy diving gear for yourself. HOWEVER (there is a small but), you'll need to arrange your own meals throughout the course. We'll provide tap water.



  • Minimum age of 12 years old (There is an option to be certified as a Junior Open Water Diver if you are between 12 and 15 years old. Here, you will dive with an adult certified diver and have a maximum depth of 12m.)*
  • Complete and sign provided/sent materials.
  • Be able to swim 200 meters without stopping.
  • Tread water / float for 10 minutes.
  • Be in good health and meet PADI's medical statement (you can find it here).


*If you are 10-11 years old and would like to obtain a Junior Open Water Diver diving certification, please contact the school to inquire about the possibilities.



3 days (however, there are courses that span four to five weekdays (afternoon/evening sessions).



Please check our current price.



Open Water Diver + Advanced Open Water Diver: 5,850 DKK (normal price 6,500 DKK) (contact us for more information)



  • Course material package
  • Rental of complete equipment for all dives.
  • 4 course dives in open water.
  • Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certification.



OWD date

12. MAJ, 1. JUN 2024, 13. JUL 2024, 10. AUG 2024, 21. SEP 2024, 12. OKT 2024, 22. JUN 2024, 24. AUG 2024, 9. MAJ 2024


S, M, L, XL, XXL

Shoe size

36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47

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